The Residential

The rustico Spagnol residential is situated in Alto Garda Bresciano park, 450 mt on the sea level. It is placed in a green park, encircled by olive trees. There’s a beautiful view on Garda Lake.

The rustico is made up of 4 very new apartments, all of them with view on the lake. Each of them is fully furnished, alla have safebox, independent heating, sat-tv. You can swim in our swimming pool, or use barbecue or spend an healthy and relaxed holiday making a lot of activities like trekking, walking or running, riding a mountain bike.

You can arrive from Gardesana Occidentale street, You’ve to mount following the road marking through Tignale. The street pass through olive trees and wonderful valleys and it arrive at Tignale, a green terrace on the lake. Rustico Spagnol is in Oldesio, one of the district of Tignale (the other are Piovere, Gardola, Aer, Olzano e Prabione).

Tignale is the right place to go for a walk or for running, there’re a lot of mountain bike trails, and all of them get through wonderful natural beauties.

In Tignale you can enjoy our typical products, on top of all there’s our biological and top quality extra virgin olive oil.

The apartments are where there was a hold hayloft, now totally restructured. The outside walls of the building is made of characteristic old stone, artistic patrimony of historical downtown of Tignale.

The Rustico Spagnol is open from April to October.